Software engineering student and an experienced web developer using the MERN stack. I have made many projects using React.js for the front-end and Node.js for the backend.

Skill Set

  • Building interactive user interfaces using React.js.
  • redux Complex state management using Redux.
  • Designing responsive user interfaces using Bootstrap 4.
  • Making REST APIs using Node.js and Express.js.
  • Database management systems (MySQL, MongoDB).
  • Git version control system.


Shopping Web App

Responsive single page application (SPA) that provides basic functionality for shopping as well as an authentication system using JWT and local storage.
I am using React.js with Bootstrap 4 for the front-end, Redux for state management and Express.js with MongoDB for the backend.
Repo Live Demo

Shopping App

WhatsApp-Like Chat Web App

WhatsApp-like web app that provides basic functionalities for chatting using Socket.io. Features include one-to-one chats, changing status and avatar, unseen messages and other features.
Used technologies: Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Socket.io, Bootstrap 4, React.js
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Web Chat App

Online Quizzes Web App

Mobile-first web app built using React.js and MaterialUI. It provides basic functionality for a quizzes system and utilizes local storage to store user's results.
It uses the new ES6+ features of JavaScript with React.js Hooks like useState and useEffect.
Repo Live Demo

Online Quizzes - React


JavaScript Application Development from Hsoub

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